One Hundred and Sixty-Seven.

October 10, 2017

we are always building

September 24, 2017

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NCAA Week Two

September 9, 2017

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summer of the painting

July 27, 2017

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May 28, 2017


look behind you:

the orchard-lined hall-

way; all the things that have

grown up and pushed out fruit

in your wake; the worn door frames

and door knobs, the sleeked floors slipping

under committed feet, the living point of contact

keeping you both here, resolved—all in, so to speak.

not since those first nine months

have you ever been so

in love with a


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some nights the moon is a train

March 25, 2017

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dust has nothing to fear

February 10, 2017


i’m on a long journey, and

i don’t know the way.

the dust under my feet

has nothing to fear;

it’s been here before,

but it has a lot to say—

to the fingers, to the

rib-cage, to this feast, to

the miles walked across

this beach: once you are

thus reduced, you can only

transform into some thing

new—a diamond, a sand-

storm, a brilliant planet.

take every thing that is

happening, every thing you

feel, every thing you keep

silent, every thing you shout—

and kneel: turn it,

churn it into art.

it is the only way in,

and the only way out.

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permanent record

January 21, 2017


when she was a child, she

realized she could move

things with her eyes. she

remembers them levitating,

flying about, crash landing.

she’s in the middle of her

life now; she feels what

people call a crisis. she

talks to herself, and is the

nicest person to talk back.

she reads novels that aren’t

going anywhere; she keeps

seeing underutilized words that

aren’t there. she thinks one thing

and writes another. she knows

that you can say things in a

poem that you can’t say any-

where else. people are weapons;

even the kids playing on the lawn in

the warm snow are getting away with it.

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every last thing

November 5, 2016

i don’t know why i looked back at that possum in the road. the body looked whole, so it wasn’t for the gruesome factor. night creatures intrigue me. but what i saw was a wide open mouth…

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July 25, 2016

when you arrive at the perfect piece, it sits in your mouth like a kiss,   a deliciousness you wish you could hold onto forever. sometimes i   wait at the bus stop, and the big whoosh lum…

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